Sandblast Etched Glass

Sandblasting is a great way to create designs on both mirrors and clear glass. Designs can range from a simple border to a full decorative feature.

Sandblasting is achieved by high pressure- spraying an abrasive onto the glass. The design is created by masking off some of the areas with a protective film while blasting the unprotected areas, thus removing the surface of the glass.

Deep etched glass

Deep Etched Sandblasted Glass

As well as standard Etched Glass, I also offer a bespoke “Deep Carved alternative.

Deep carved glass or “Deep Sandblasted” glass as it is better known is produced by sandblasting deep into the glass at varying levels to give a three dimensional appearance to the design.

The varying depths of the carving process allow the design to be detailed, giving a very realistic result. Nature, Company names and logos look amazing when carved using this process and the glass looks stunning when the light catches the edges of the design.

One of the advantages of deep carved glass is that the pattern can be created without the need for any clear areas in the design. This is a great when privacy is required as there wouldn’t be any areas that can be seen through.

What glass can be deep carved designs?

Toughened glass cannot be used for deep sandblasted designs because it would shatter once a certain depth was blasted away. 4 or 6mm glass can be used for deep carving glass, but for applications like external front doors and windows it would then need to be encapsulated into a triple glazed unit to comply with various building regulations. Alternatively laminated glass could be used.

Glue chipping is achieved by initially sandblasting a design onto the glass, then before removing the resist, hot glue is run onto the blasted surface.  When the glue cools and dries it also shrinks and cracks, and when removed, leaves a permanent feathered pattern.