Traditional Stained Glass

I make traditional leaded Stained Glass windows and panels, as well as Decorative Overlay leaded windows for double glazed units.

The designs are basically the same, although there is a little more scope with the overlay method as there are no small pieces of glass to cut.

There is no doubt that traditional stained glass looks more impressive, but with the current government legislation compelling all new windows to be double glazed, the alternative method of overlay leading is a viable option.

With leaded windows, each little piece of glass is cut from a variety of different coloured and textured glasses that are then surrounded in lead and soldered together to make a window that is both durable and weatherproof.

The overlay method uses a single sheet of glass that is decorated with different coloured films then edged with self adhesive lead. This glass can then be used alone or made into a double glazed unit.

The stages of construction